Bunny Champagne Flute - 5oz

Bunny Champagne Flute - 5oz

William Yeoward Crystal
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The Bunny Champagne Flute is essential for any formal gathering. Featuring flat cuts and delicate engraving with a lovely rosette pattern, Bunny is an elegant pattern originating from the late 18th century. The rosette motif was very popular during that period and continues to be popular on bridal registries. Toast the bride with this beautiful crystal flute, handmade of the finest crystal, and finished with a notched stem.

William Yeoward Crystal is inspired by antique pieces made in England and Ireland during the 18th and 19th centuries. Every piece in this collection is entirely made by hand employing the same traditional methods used over 150 years ago. Unusual hand cutting and engraving are distinctive elements of William Yeoward Crystal.

Lead Crystal
Style: Engraved

Dimensions: 8" H
Capacity: 5 oz.
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