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Take Advantage of our Mother's Day Special! 

For a limited time, save 20% on our most luxurious Blue Lily Facial. It includes all of the benefits of other Breeze facials with Dermalogica products and more! Book your spot today!

The Blue Lily Facial includes: * Double cleanse * Exfoliation * Extractions * Microdermabrasion * Face Sculpt to lift and tone facial muscles * Custom Mask * Custom Serum and Moisturizer * Personalized Dermalogica Skin Care Plan - A perfect Mother's Day Gift!


Visit Breeze Day Spa in Gainesville and Ocala

Come and enjoy our little in-house pocket of beauty at Agapanthus, featuring amazing talented stylists and technicians using fabulous toxin-free and plant-based products.

In Gainesville - Visit Breeze at Agapanthus in our Butler Town Center location for healthier nail and esthetician services. 

In Ocala - Available services include hair styling, hair extensions, and healthier nail services.

Learn more on our booking websites via links below.

Breeze is looking for talented hair stylists, nail techs, and estheticians seeking a beautiful environment and lovely clientele. Contact

Kevin Murphy available at Breeze Day SpaBio Seaweed Gel available at Breeze Day Spa
Butter London available at Breeze Day Spa

Dermalogica available at Breeze Day Spa

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Visit Agapanthus in Butler Town Center in Gainesville and historic downtown Ocala

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