About Us

Founded in 2007, Agapanthus is the gift, fashion, and home boutique that runs on Beauty. Every day.  Visit our exciting shopping locations in historic downtown Ocala and Butler Town Center in Gainesville, Florida, or browse the online shop to find special gifts for every occasion, as well as a uniquely curated selection of apparel, accessories, and home accents.

What's in our name? Agapanthus is the Nile Lily that grows abundantly in southern climes. I discovered it in my garden in California many years ago, and have it in my Florida garden as well.  Translated from the Greek, Agapanthus is the "flower of love".  Its easy-to-grow nature and the relaxed beauty of the bloom do well not only in my garden, but serve as a symbol for our work as we seek to provide an easy shopping experience for you that pleases all the senses.

In 2018 we created Breeze Day Spa, an in-house pocket of beauty offering healthier hair, nail, and esthetician services and non-toxic products for clients who visit. Online booking with our talented stylists and technicians is easy at breezedayspa.com.

What truly distinguishes Agapanthus from other shopping experiences is how passionate we are about what we do to serve your needs and sensibilities about family, friends, and home.  The selection of every product, the knowledge and experience of our team, the packaging and complimentary gift wrap that accompanies you when you leave the shop, are all done with care to create a great experience for you and serve your lifestyle.  A specialty of Agapanthus is wedding gift registry. Dozens of brides and their families can attest to our product selection and customer service. 

To learn more, follow our social pages on Facebook and Instagram.  I hope you'll shop with us soon and experience our brand of beauty and care.  We are here for you with individualized attention and the best products available anywhere. 

Paula King, Owner

Agapanthus and Breeze Day Spa


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