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Agapanthus Top Ten Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Our Top Ten Valentine Picks for 2024

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for someone special in your life.  Whether you're celebrating with a romantic partner, a close friend, or a cherished family member, or doing the most important thing by taking care of yourself, finding the right gift can elevate the experience.

This year, we've curated a list of ten heartfelt Valentine's Day gift ideas, ensuring that your gesture is as unique and meaningful as the relationship you cherish.

Spartina 449 friendship bracelet

  • Friendship Bracelets:
  • Celebrate the bond of friendship with matching friendship bracelets. We've got dozens! Choose a set that reflects your unique connection and serves as a reminder of the laughter, support, and shared memories you've created together. We have a great selection of so many bracelets in stock from Spartina 449, Crislu, Dune, "A Littles . . . ", and Pandora (Ocala location only). We love these from Spartina 449, not only for their beauty and value, but also for the unique message to share with your Galentine.

vietri incanto

  • Homemade Treats:
  • Whip up a batch of homemade treats, whether it's their favorite cookies, a decadent cake, or a savory snack. The time and effort you put into creating something delicious will be a sweet reminder of your love and thoughtfulness, and will look it's memorable best when served on something beautiful. Shop our selection of serveware from Mariposa, Juliska, Calaisio, and beautiful Incanto from Vietri.

Inspired Journal

  • Self-Care Journal:
  • Encourage self-love and reflection with a one of our journals.  Each is filled with prompts for gratitude, mindfulness, and personal growth, making this gift is a wonderful way to prioritize self-care and cultivate a deeper sense of love and appreciation for oneself. Click here for our wide selection of inspirational journals.

 Boody Wear

  • Spa Day at Home:
  • Create a relaxing spa day at home with a basket filled with luxurious lotions, scented candles, and pampering skincare products from our favorite makers including Archipelago Botanicals, Thymes, Caswell-Massey, Pura, Capri Blue, Voluspa, and more!  Add in a plush robe or soft loungewear from Faceplant Dreams, Boodywear, or Softies. Don't forget to create that soothing playlist for the ultimate self-care experience.

 L'amour Toujours

  • Friendship Mug:
  • Gift your best friend a big ol’ cup of happiness, with a decadent Belgian chocolate  Cocoba.  Every time they enjoy their favorite beverage, they'll be reminded of the special bond you share. Lots of mugs including this great Cafe l'Amour from Juliska, and three styles of Cocoba are in stock! 

Mariposa Picture Photo Frame

  • Framed Photo:
  • Pics on your phone are great, but why not a printed photo to pass every day to fill your heart with your best memories?  Print a favorite photo and present it in one of our beautiful frames. Selections from Mariposa (recycled and no polish necessary!) make a gift to last a lifetime.


  • Personal Fragrance:
  • Delight the senses with a gift of personal fragrance. Choose from colognes and scents for men by Caswell-Massey and Archipelago Botanicals. Let her discover her own mix of personal scent with a library of perfumes from Tocca. 

Longchamp Le Pliage

  • Weekend Adventure:
  • Plan a little getaway— it’s easy if you stay close to home.  Write your plans on a hand written note, and maybe even enclose them in a new travel tote from Longchamp.  Your companion will be delighted. Longchamp is available in store in both our Gainesville and Ocala locations.

Vietri Italian Baker

  • Cooking Together:
  • Set the mood with a delicious meal, prepared together with love. Cook together or order from your favorite restaurant, and enjoy quality time spent with your significant other, savoring each other's company and the love you share. Whether your table is casual or dressed-up, we have tableware and accessories to perfectly accompany your style. Shop Vietri, Juliska, Calaisio, Mariposa, Simon Pearce for all of your needs.

Vietri Hibiscus Vase

  • Say it with Flowers:
  • Whether hand picked from your garden, or purchased from your favorite florist, your flowers will present beautifully in one of our vases.  The hand made glass will stand beautifully on it’s own long after the flowers are gone, and serve you again and again. Shop our assortment of vases including Vietri and Simon Pearce.


This Valentine's Day, let’s celebrate love in all its forms— from the bonds of friendship to romantic love and self-love. Go above and beyond the traditional ideas of chocolates and flowers and elevate your celebration with a heartfelt gift that truly reflects the depth of your love and appreciation.  These are but a few of the unique choices now available in the shops right now so shop online with free in store pick up, or come by and see us.  We are here to help!

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