The "New" New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Agapanthus Blog Post

As our busy season draws to a close and the world prepares to welcome a new year, the clamor of New Year's Eve celebrations typically fills the air. However, there's a certain charm in choosing to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new in the comforting embrace of a quiet evening at home. 

Last year I think I showed my hand by re-posting a meme quipping, "I may not dress up for Living Room New Year's Eve. I may not even go."  I think I laughed a little too hard?  After a hectic holiday season every year, I admit that I yearn for and embrace a quiet New Year's Eve celebration with only my husband and me.

I do like a few essentials to help me create the warmth of a cozy atmosphere for our celebration, though, even if our first glimpse of 2024 will be when we open our eyes the next morning.

  • Something sparkly to wear
  • Something sparkling to drink
  • Something simple but delicious to eat
  • Something really good to read, listen to, or watch
  • If weather allows (and this year it will!), a fire in the fireplace

Here are a few things I'm gathering from the shop for my personal cozy New Year's Eve at home.

The right thing to wear is the start. I love our loungewear when I'm at home, but for New Year's Eve, comfort + elegance means a little black velvet dress may be in order. For me,  Wilenna Velvet Dress Black from Spartina 449 

For "something sparkling to wear", I've had my eye on this Pear Cut Eternity Ring from Crislu finished in Yellow Gold  since it arrived. I think I can really admire it best while sipping champagne, don't you?

Crislu Pear Shaped Eternity Ring


To create a cozy wintery atmosphere, I'm lighting a Frasier Fir Statement Candle. The play of light on the silver glass, the scent of fresh cut trees will be amazing this New Year's Eve-- especially by the fire that the promise of cold weather calls for.  We'll keep this woodsy scent going all winter long.

Frasier Fir Statement Candle

At Agapanthus we carry some great glass for sipping champagne, but my favorite is the boxed set of Juliska Heritage Champagne Flutes. They are perfect for enjoying Champagne, non-alcohoilc sparkling, and cocktails alike, as you can see demonstrated in the video below.

Juliska Heritage Flutes

To drink, my new favorite Champagne cocktail is a French 75, thanks to this great demo our friend and master mixologist Brenda Terry created for us. 

In the video you'll learn from Brenda why it pairs beautifully with a re-watch of one of our favorite cinema classics, "Casablanca."  Hmmm.... we already have this on DVD... and a player! Maybe it will be Ilsa and Rick helping us ring out the old!

Whatever your plans are, enjoy NYE. Thank you for such a lovely year. Wishing you health, and enjoyment of all of the endless possibilities of 2024!

                                           Here's looking at you, kid,


French 75 with Brenda and Juliska for Agapanthus -- Cheers!


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