Pineapple Jeweled Stemless Glass

Pineapple Jeweled Stemless Glass

The Queens Jewels
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The Pineapple symbolizes welcome, good cheer, warmth, affection between all who dwell inside the home.

Be a Pineapple. Stand Tall. Wear a Crown and be sweet on the inside.

The Queen’s Jewels wine glasses are lovely during the holidays, or any day. This is the perfect, cute and fun gift. Also available stemmed.

Handmade in the USA exquisite jeweled wine glasses and cocktail glasses and securely attached. These are not painted or hand painted. We carry a great selection of stemmed, stemless, and old fashioned glasses. Our in store customers have loved them, but don’t forget we provide complimentary gift wrap and ship nationwide. Comes with a box.

16 oz

6" × 4.25" × 4.25"

Hand wash only.