Out of Stock items and Backorders - Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction for Agapanthus Online and our two brick and mortar locations Gainesville and Ocala, Florida. Therefore we make every effort to make items showing on our ecomm available to you at all times. Due to active shoppers in two shops and online, sometimes an item seen online may be unavailable. Should this happen we will advise you and either refund you or order the item for you - at your request - immediately. Stock will be filled from either the manufacturer, or the Ocala or Gainesville stores, so please allow 1 - 6 weeks for fulfillment if item is out of stock.

Discontinued items - From time to time items are discontinued by the manufacturer without our knowledge, preventing us from fulfilling your order. We will notify you immediately if this is the case and refund you immediately, or remove the item from your gift registry if that is the case.

Shipping Timeline - Every effort is made to ship your purchase as soon as possible. Please allow 1 - 3 days for in house processing of your order. We will notify you if your requested shipping timeline cannot be met due to out of stock, holiday times, or other reasons.

Shipping Costs -

Shipping costs are estimated at time of order. Customers are notified of any adjustments necessary to shipping costs, and confirmed prior to shipping unless they are in the customer's favor.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Packages -

Agapanthus cannot be held responsible for theft of delivered packages once they are delivered. "Drop off at shipping address" is the default shipping option. Avoid theft of your delivered package by shipping to work, or some other location where there is someone present to receive the package during delivery hours, or by requesting a signature upon delivery. To request "Signature Required", let us know in the "Comments" section of check out.

For damaged, lost, or stolen packages that have been delivered, contact the carrier immediately to file a claim. Take photos and save all packaging until claim is resolved.

Thank you for shopping with us and let us know if you have any questions, or we may assist you with anything else. We are here to help!

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