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Thanksgiving is often hailed as the best holiday for its unique blend of cherished traditions and meaningful values. It emphasizes gratitude, togetherness, and the simple pleasure of sharing a delicious meal with loved ones. It serves as a reminder to pause, reflect on the blessings in our lives, and express our appreciation for them to people we care about. And if we're lucky, person-to-person across a table of plenty.

Agapanthus Table Top Fauna Flora Vietri

Photo by Alan Youngblood courtesy of Ocala Style, photo shoot styled by Paula King for Ocala Style 

Whether “Friends-giving”, a family Thanksgiving, or combination of both, as the tale is told and traditions continue to this day, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to come together for a shared meal.  Here are a few things we find important for making your home holiday tradition easy, and setting a table that keeps the conversation going.

Vietri Wildlife Spaniel

Small Plates - This "must have" is number one on the list for a reason. The reason being so many people use paper plates or paper napkins when a plate is sooo much better for food. And honestly? Not much more trouble, especially if you have a dishwasher.  If your family is like mine, multi-course meals and entertaining in general are in need of lots of smaller plates.  Plates for apps, plates for dessert, plates for seasonal decor on your buffet or up on the wall-- I keep stacks of them! I also love how the smaller plates mix, match, and update my dinner plates for seasonality and style.

At Agapanthus we have many kinds in stock from a variety of makers, including Vietri as shown here. Vietri's Wildlife series has been a customer favorite for years. I love that Vietri continues this series with new and charming designs that due to their hand painted images, each is unique. These woodsy and rustic plates from Italy celebrate the country life so many live-- not only in Italy, but in north central Florida.  

Juliska Forest Walk Platter

Platters - What are you going to put that turkey on if you don’t have a platter? Platters are great for presenting the bird, grilled meats, laying out a tempting charcuterie, or simply veggies and dip (just add a bowl in the middle). Platters are a must have and we’ve got a large selection in recycled aluminum, melamine, and stoneware including this gorgeous Forest Walk platter from Juliska. 

Simon Pearce Pumpkin

A little more. . . . pumpkin decorFall pumpkins seem to be a collection that grows in my house with a new addition every year.  Choose from the visually stunning handmade glass pumpkins of Simon Pearce to rustic cloth check beauties. We love them all.

Pumpkin Denim Ribbon

Ribbon - Fall ribbons in warm tones and fall themes are the right touch on a wreath, swag, or run down a table and such an easy way to add the colors of the season. The wire makes all the difference. Sold in store by the yard.

Pumpkin Husk Garland 

Garland - Best Invention Ever for easy decorating. Plop them out, add to a mantle or stair rail, or surround your door. They're wired and ready to go!

 Pumpkin Laurel from Thymes

Pumpkin Laurel Home Fragrance — Truth: For years I’ve turned my nose up (more like pinched it closed) at pumpkin candles— until now. Pumpkin Laurel from Thymes fills your home with spicy cinnamon-y clove-y goodness, even when you're not baking anything. Candles, diffusers, and Pura Refills in stock.

Mariposa Shimmer Casserole Caddy

Bakeware and Casseroles - Speaking of baking, we have a great selection of stoneware and Pyrex bakeware from Mariposa, Juliska, Vietri, and Calaisio.  What’s the difference between our bakers and casseroles and "Brand X"? The presentation of your delcious dish that goes from prep to oven to table with ease and beauty, as with this recycled aluminum Shimmer Casserole Caddy and Pyrex from Mariposa.

 Juliska Puro Tortoiseshell Glassware Barware

Barware - The stunner of the season is the new Puro Tortoiseshell glassware from Juliska. Already a big hit at Agapanthus, the wine, tumblers, martinis and stemless glassware are in the shop as well as many other styles.

 Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

All the things - Placemats, runners, napkins, and napkin rings are kind of obvious as essentials, but if the goal is to do something new and fresh, our beautiful linens and paper can easily elevate your table experience. Capture your own linens or new with fun seasonal napkin rings.  Not up for ironing? Embrace the wrinkled look (done on my table years ago), or make things even easier with Caspari or when you roll out our fabulous paper from Hester & Cook, adding whimsical mats and table cards. Check out what we have and imagine the possibilities for your table or bar, indoors and out.

Thanksgiving Table Crackers by Robin Reed

Thanksgiving Crackers - Start a new tradition adopted from the English by setting a “cracker” at every setting. Guests pop them open, wear the crown, and enjoy the prize inside. From the oldest maker in the United Kingdom, Robin Reed.


Vietri Hibiscus Vase


Last but not least thing - Don't stress over a centerpiece. No matter where you live, a little walk outside with clippers, or a trip to the florist or grocery will get the job done quickly and easily, as long as you have a Hibiscus Vase from Vietri on hand. Lots of sizes and colors in stock and another favorite of Agapanthus customers who give it again and again.

Pro tip: The medium vase accommodates a dozen roses perfectly! And what an amazing hostess gift.

All of us at Agapanthus are wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. We are here to help, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about this "essentials" list. Even more so, I'm always eager to learn how our products are working for you. Reach out anytime to me at -- Paula King, Agapanthus

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