SUDS Cleaner
SUDS Cleaner
SUDS Cleaner
SUDS Cleaner
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SUDS Cleaner

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SUDS is a unique, all-purpose, water-based cleaner that is versatile and economical.  No harsh chemicals, ammonia or abrasives.  Safe to use, leaving all surfaces clean and film-free (no rinsing required).  SUDS is non-toxic, biodegradable, and effective in cleaning most any surface in home or business.

Use as paste or mix with hot water for spray solution. When diluting, mix paste with ½ cup water and microwave for 30-45 seconds, pour in spray bottle, then add remaining water.

2 tsp to 16 oz. of hot water

1 tsp to 16 oz. of hot water

Dissolve SUDS 32 parts HOT water, one part SUDS.

* One 8 oz. tub makes 2-3 gallons
* 2-3 Tbls make 1 quart


Works Great On:

  • Grease Pencils and Marks on Fabrics

  • Safe on Wool Washables

  • Spray Adhesive on Hoops

  • Cleaning Table Tops

  • Scuff Marks on Sewing Machine Covers & More

  • Carpets & Floors

  • Safe on Quilts

  • Deodorant Stains

  • Lipstick & Makeup Stains

  • Ink, Markers & more!

  • Hanger Marks on Dressing Room Walls

  • Counter Tops & Fixtures

  • Carpet Stains

    Stains on Fabric Furniture

    Cleaning Leather

    Carpet Stains

    Oil Build-up on Wood Furniture

    Cleaning Mirrors & Glass

    Black Marks on Mattresses

    Crayon Marks on Chairs & Tables

    Sticky Residue

    Marker from Dry Erase Boards

    Play Dough

    Tape Residue On Carpet

    Cleaning Table Tops & Much More

    Stains on clothing

    Safe, Non-Toxic

    Stains on Pillow top Mattress

    Grout Cleaning

    Carpet Stains & Use with Carpet Machines

    Wood Flooring


    Outside Grills

    Aluminum Door Frames

    Fireplaces/Glass Inserts

    Flat Top Grills

    Degreasing Equipment


    Convection Ovens

    Stainless Steel Hoods

    Pots & Pans

    Upholstered Chairs & Booths

    Stains on Carpet

    Cleaning Menus

    No Toxic Fumes

    Removing Hair Color from Hairline & Neck, Hands, Clothing, Floors, Stations

    Removing Hair Spray build up on Chairs, Flat Irons, Mirrors and Windows

    Removing Oil, Wax, Make-up, Lipstick from Towels, Sheets, Robes, Tables & Clothing

    Safe on skin, non-toxic

    Citrus-based, leaves salon smelling great, no toxic fumes



    Headliner Stains

    Carpets/Floor Mats



    Black Streaks on Sides of Campers/Boats

    Mildew off Vinyl