Deco Silver Plated Earrings

Deco Silver Plated Earrings

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Silver Plated Earrings

Silver plated jewel:

Exposure to light, air, humidity, air conditioning, and the pH of some skin types, causes silver to darken. In the case of PH, it can wear down or corrode the bath of the jewel in a few days the bath.

It is recommend avoiding going to the beach or swimming pools with jewelry on and always taking them off to sleep. Creams and perfumes can also damage them, so we advise avoiding contact of these substances with jewelry.

When cleaning, we suggest using a silver chamois cloth or a non-abrasive silver cleaner. Then rinse with plenty of water and neutral soap and dry the jewel with a very soft cloth. Be careful if the jewel also has leather, crystals or other materials as these require other care. If the jewel has leather, be very careful not to get it wet or stain it when cleaning the metal part.

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